This design is a silent billboard acting as a reminder to anyone that can read it, to elevate when tensions escalate because it is never worth the outcome.

This design is an embodiment of a summer staple, that invokes happy emotions and is almost guaranteed to bring a smile. The design of the Ice cream cone represents a cooling agent. A mascot of sorts cheering on your cool. The pastel colors pink and blue represent our ongoing unisex theme. If you look closely you would begin to see an unconventional smiley face. The face is marked by two X’s for eyes allowing anyone to assume the role or take on the identity of chill, the face is further marked by a very toothy smile with the details of the teeth offering a very ying and yang feel with half being jagged edged and half nice and round. This represents the control of the good and the bad. Thus leaving us with the iconic ice cream covered smile.

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